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Spitzingsee Germany 2007


... Antje, Christian, Marcel, Peggy, Petra and Steffen

... 30 Dezember 2007 - 01 January 2008

... to have fun at New Years Eve, to see snow at that time, and to get out of Munich

... Albert-Link-Hütte, near lake Spitzing in the South of Munich

... by car

... too much good food in restaurants. And every day one of us had "two pair of Wiener sausages". Yum, yum!



What we did ...


We walked with the sleight and our backpack from the village up to the house in the mountains.

We drank way to much tea, yes tea, to keep us warm from the inside.

We were walking through the mountains and the snow, while the sun came down.

We climbed up a really terrible mountain for more than an hour, only return with a sleight within 5 minutes.

We drank better stuff the next night, to keep us warm from the inside.

We had fun walking on a frozen lake in a hazzard.

We saw a beautiful firework on the last night of the year 2007.

I was the only one who had to work on the day after our return to Munich.


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